Folksy Mayhem Showcase

Here are my favourites from the Mayhem listing club listed between 1st and 6th May.

Cute Little Keepsakes Jinja Jewellery
Bessie Loves Blue Daisy Glass

Diomo Glass Kawaii Boutique
Lynwood Crafts
Court & Spark
From top:
1) Personalised Baby Bunting from Cute Little Keepsakes
2) Jade Disc Necklace from Jinja Jewellery
3) Pansy Ring from Bessie Loves
4) Recycled Champagne Cheese Board from Blue Daisy Glass
5) Sparkle Bow Earrings from Flonightingale
6) Summer Flowers Suncatcher from Diomo Glass
7) Pink Jasper and Black Rose Necklace from Kawaii Boutique
8) Summer No 2 ACEO from Lynwood Crafts
9) Amigurumi rubber duck from Loves a Good Yarn
10) Flower Fairy mini lavender pillows from Court & Spark


  1. Oooh, pretties... thank you for including my earrings in such good company! Loving Bessie Loves' pansy ring, so pretty.
    Now following too.
    Flo x

  2. Wow, thank you for including my little ducks in with your other choices, some of which are also my faves from the last week too.

  3. Thanks for including me. I love that new born bunting.

  4. I really like the cheeseboard, and Diomo's suncatcher. Thank you for including my ACEO


  5. Such fab choices. Apryl's cheeseboard is fab (I bought one for a friend for Christmas last year and he loved it)

  6. Lovely Mayhem Picks!

    I love the amigurumi ducks!

    Thanks for including my lavender pillows ;)



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