A Glut of jewellery

 Well, I said it was a quiet week for me, and I have made a lot of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. So, to start: a big bold Barbie pink ballet shoes bracelet for a little girl.
I made a couple of variations on this simple Czech firepolish lagoon bracelet.  The other has a silver disk in the centre. Loving the sparkle!
Haven't made many necklaces lately, but the rainforest druks inspired me to do a whole green mix necklace. It sits really nicely just under the collarbone too.
And finally, an elongated acrylic heart bracelet with a heart toggle. Too late for Valentines Day, but not too late to show your mother that you love her!

I am also considering doing a blog giveaway, but I need a few more followers first.


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