Paper: Cards using Recycled Stuff

I have been making cards on and off for years. Sometimes I like to design and create something new, and sometimes I want to make something out of odds and ends, such as old greetings/Christmas cards. I noticed a year or so ago, that some cards that I was putting out for recycling had interesting little pictures or embellishments to them that seemed a shame to waste. So I kept these bits back to make something new, and it proved useful when needing to make a card in a hurry!

I bought ready made card blanks and envelopes from my local stationer. (I have noticed that Papermania have some gorgeous backgrounds on some of theirs recently).
I used an aperture card blank and filled the space with some mulberry paper, then topped it with a recycled butterfly embellishment. Note: if you are using an embellishment that had a sticky foam pad on the back, it is best to remove this before sticking to your new card.
Using a great card blank from Papermania with a lovely green starry background, I stuck on a checked piece of paper as a frame for the car.


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