Cards using Foil

A few years ago, when my children were younger, I used to love watching CBeebies and CBBC with them. My favourites were Arthur, Doodle Doo and SMart (which hasn't been the same since the tragic death of the brilliant Mark Speight). Anyway, in one of the Doodle Doo episodes they drew on foil which made a great little embossed effect.
I have used a clean foil food container (not sure if you could use aluminium foil in a roll - it's probably not quite thick enough) and drawn using a stencil a little pattern of daisies and leaves. Use a pencil or biro to draw your picture. It works best if you do an outline, rather than colouring in (think KitKat foil smoothed with you thumb nail in the days before they were super sealed - it never got as smooth as you wanted it too - and this is how it would be if you colour in a shape!) You can also write a message such as "Thank you" but remember to write it in reverse! (Apologies for the slight blur to the top photo.

In this example, I cut a small piece of the now patterned foil and stuck it with foam sticky fixers onto an already pasted square of patterned paper on the card. For a finishing touch, I used some glitter stones from Papermania as the centres of the daisies.


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