Life: March 2018

March has been a strange month with Somerset having a red alert for snow at the beginning followed by a few weeks of almost Spring-like weather, only to be plunged back into snow! Atticus hasn't experienced snow like this for several years and we have spent quite a long time laughing at him coping with the snow. Maine Coon cats are supposed to have feet designed for snow - Atticus didn't get the memo!

We had a tour of the new veterinary practice that he goes to, only to find that his picture made the 2018 calendar! Obviously, we think he should have been the star photo, but we can't win them all! 

I am now two-thirds of my way through Level 4 CIH Housing qualification. With study for that and a full time job, all the fun stuff seems to be sliding down the priority list.

However, on a rare weekend when I was home alone, I finally finished quilting and binding the Quiltalong 2017 quilt. I have taken up the Lloyd and Lola quilt where I left off. Frustratingly, I can't understand why I didn't cut the fabric for both llamas at the same time - in hindsight it would have been so much easier!

Despite everything, I can't bear the thought of running out of sewing projects, so I have also just purchased this fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake Safari Party which is adorable and will be sewn up into a baby quilt.

Anyway, I am enjoying having all the family back home for Easter - a chance to kick back and relax a little...maybe?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. We are having the same crazy type weather here too. Super cute fat quarter bundle!! :)

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