Patchwork: Lloyd and Lola - Pom Poms

I am making good progress on Fred's Lloyd and Lola quilt (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman). I have never really tackled a quilt like this before, and to be honest was a little overwhelmed with all the cutting required. So, I concentrated on sewing up the Pom Poms first, because I generally find that once you have started, you just want to crack on with it.

I bought huge swathes of black quilting cotton and some Essex yarn dyed fabric for the llamas themselves, but have used fabric from my stash for the Pom Poms themselves.

Here, I have laid it out on Fred's double bed - I'm quite impressed with the size of it. You just have to envisage two lovelorn llamas in that space!

The red looks quite festive and would be great as a row of baubles on a Christmas quilt.

Next step will be the llama faces, and I confess, I am a little scared!

Love Mrs Jones x


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