Autumn Days

I love the beginning of a new season. Although it doesn't seem quite cold enough yet for Autumn (and I am one of those who tries to hold out on putting the heating on until October half term) but the leaves are starting to colour and everything feels a bit cosier!

I am enjoying some local walks, and the Heath is covered in this wonderful purple flower which the ponies don't seem interested in....

...however, something has been eating the mushrooms...

...and even this toadstool!

There is nothing like returning from a walk to tuck into a brownie. I made these using this recipe from the BBC.

I am inundated with cooking apples, but used all my sugar up on the brownies, so my plans for apple pie are postponed! I am dying to try out an autumnal pastry design! They will store fine in a box for quite a while.

Love Mrs Jones x


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