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Just a quick post tonight with my Le Challenge entry for this month's theme "Reading". I love reading and every year I have a reading challenge on Goodreads. I always have at least one book on the go at all times, and read both physical books and kindle books. 

But I get so frustrated though with reading real books because I either end up using a scrap of paper as a bookmark or fold the corner (I know, I know). So this was the perfect excuse to sew up a bookmark!

As you can see, I haven't really mastered the art of embroidery, but I enjoyed making this nonetheless.

It is perfect for this book of short stories that I have borrowed from a colleague, "The Stone Mattress" by Margaret Atwood.

I struggle with putting in links when using my iPad, but to see what other entries there are on Le Challenge this month, the button is on my sidebar.

What are you reading?
Love Mrs Jones X


  1. Very pretty, I usually end up with s post it note or a scrap of paper

  2. like yourself I love reading. Must check you out on goodreads, I have yet to master it. I enjoyed the blue spool as well, and my husband the seven killings books. Not too sure about Margaret Atwood though.

    1. These are my "to be read" pile and I can't wait to start them. I love Anne Tyler, but have heard mixed reviews about Seven Killings.

  3. I think your stitching looks beautiful! Lovely design too! I couldn't get through seven killings, it was too much for me. How are you finding the Atwood? I did The Handmaids Tale at school and loved it!

    1. Just finished the Atwood and enjoyed it - some quite dark stories in there!


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