Bake: Black Forest Gateau

Who doesn't love the return of the Great British Bake Off? It has been such a long time since I baked (unless you count the breadmaker bread I make four times a week), so I was inspired to have a go at a Black forest gateau. One of the few phrases that I remember from learning German is "Schwartzwalderkirschtorte mit sahne, bitte" - an everyday essential!!

The recipe I followed was this one from The Hairy Bikers, although if you read the recipe through, the linked photo doesn't resemble the description at all!

As usual, I meddled with the recipe! Firstly, I left it as a two layer cake - my sponges were pretty thin and I didn't think they would stand up to being split into two. I didn't have any Kirsch or cherry brandy so used Creme de Cassis instead - just one dessertspoon drizzled over one of the sponges before spreading it with sour cherry jam, and I did not included the dried cherries either.

I learned a valuable lesson about rescuing overwhipped cream too, as my son was in charge of the whipping (see how granular it looks in the centre). Just add a little more cream and whisk by hand until it is incorporated - it will loosen up to the desired consistency.

If you are inspired to bake, here is the link to the recipes from Week One.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. The cake looks wonderful. Think I'll seek out the recipe, and probably adjust it to us
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie. I'm always adjusting recipes to suit what I have in my cupboard, although I did get some sour cherry jam from Lidl for this recipe.


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