Patchwork: 8 Point Star Block Tutorial

Earlier this week, I showed you my first blocks for my Winter's Lane Quilt. If you want to have a go at making an 8 point star block, here is an easy tutorial. The basis for all my measurements stem from the chevron Big Shot die that I used which is 5 x 2 1/2 inches. Although, I am a metric girl at heart, I have had to work this out in imperial (sorry).

You will need:
8 Chevrons in your feature fabrics 5 x 2 1/2 inches - 4 must be right facing and 4 left facing.
8 Half Square triangles in white made from 3 1/4 inch squares, sliced diagonally
8 Half Square triangles in white made from 5 1/2 inch squares, sliced diagonally

1. Lay out the pieces in your block until you are happy with the layout.

2. Pin the smaller HSTs right sides together to the outer ends of the chevrons, as shown. Ensure that the overlap on the HST is even on both sides.

3. Chain stitch all eight of these at once, leaving a little thread between each one for separation.

4. Press the seam up towards the chevron piece with your iron. Repeat with the remaining seven pieces.

5. Then, place each pair of feature fabric pieces right sides together, matching all the points and pin then sew down the centre. Open out the centre seam and press on either side with your iron. Repeat until you have four pieces like this:

6. Either side of each piece you have just sewn, pin a large HST, lining the edge up with the outer straight edge of the existing piece. Sew, then snip off the additional triangle in line with the seam allowance. Repeat for the other side and you will end up with a much larger triangle (a quarter of your finished block). Press the seams towards the feature fabric. Repeat until you have four large triangles:

7. Taking two of the adjacent triangles, place them right sides together and pin. Sew down one side. Open the centre seam and press. Repeat for the other two triangles so again you have two large triangles (half the block).

8. Placing the two large triangles together, pin down the long side, taking care to match up the centre first, then sew. Again open the seam and press. Ta da!

If you have any questions, or think I haven't explained it very well, don't be afraid to ask!

Love Mrs Jones x


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