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To make this:

You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Approximately 1 metre of oilcloth fabric
  • A plastic coat hanger
  • Approximately 1 metre of bias binding
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins, tape measure, etc.

1. Place your coat hanger on the newspaper and trace round from the neck (where the hook is) out to the widest part is (the shoulders). Allow a little extra (1 cm) as a seam allowance. Then using a tape measure, draw a line straight down from the widest point for 35 centimetres. Do this both sides and finally draw a horizontal line to complete the pattern piece. Cut this out and use it as a template on your fabric. Cut two pieces, taking care if you have a directional print.

2. Cut a rectangle measuring the width of your template by 25 cm, again, ensuring that any directional prints are the right way up! This is your pocket  piece.

3. Cut one length of bias binding to fit the top uppermost edge of this piece and press in half with an iron. Place this over the top of the pocket, so that the binding straddles the edge and pin in place. Sew in place with a straight or zigzag stitch.

4. Line the pocket up to the bottom edge of one of the larger pieces of cut fabric from step 1, with wrong sides together. Place your other piece on top so that the right sides are together, and your pocket is sandwiched in the middle. Pin carefully (your pin marks may show). Sew with a straight stitch from the neck down on both sides, incorporating the sides of the pocket. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the sewing to lock the stitches in place.

5. Clip out a few notches on the shoulders, without compromising the stitching, before turning right sides out. Press into shape with your fingers (or you can use a warm iron if you protect the oilcloth with a thick tea towel). Push your clothes hanger up through the bottom and into place. It should fit snugly.

6. Measure another length of bias binding, just a little larger than the width of the bag. Iron in half as you did for step 3, but also iron in the raw ends. Pin to the base of the bag and finally stitch into place.

7. Fill with pegs! Enjoy washing days!

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Love Mrs Jones x


  1. I love peg bags! Makes hanging washing more fun :) the oilcloth is a good idea!

  2. What a good idea. I need to make one! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I love it. I will be making some of these as gifts for my family.


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