Craft: A Beginners Patchwork Pincushion

I love saving my fabric scraps and using them in small projects - even the tiniest amount of fabric will cover a button, or can be used in a little patchwork. But often, I am too keen to start on new fabric rather than revisit the scraps, so I have been trying to redress that with some scrap fabric patchwork. I have a scrappy HST chevron quilt on the go and I have just finished this pincushion. This is a great first project for anyone who fancies dipping their toes into patchwork.

I was given the opportunity to choose and review some ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons, a shop which sells ribbons by the roll. I chose the 6mm centre stitch ribbon (above) and a gorgeous broderie anglaise trim which I am planning to use in my Sureau dress (currently on my sewing table).

To make the pincushion you will need:

  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric measuring 12cm square (or equivalent)
  • Roll of 6mm Ribbon
  • Wadding
  • Button

1. Iron your fabric then measure and cut each piece of fabric into four squares 6cm x 6cm.

2. Arrange your fabric in your desired pattern. Take the first two squares and pin right sides together.

3. Sew down one side with your sewing machine. Repeat for the second two squares.

4. With your iron, press open the seams of the two rectangles you have just sewn.

5. Place the two rectangles right sides together, matching up your centre seams first and pinning. Sew together.

6. Again, press open the seams with your iron.

7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 with the remaining four squares.

8. Measure and cut your ribbon into four lengths, the same length as your completed squares. Pin the first one carefully down the centre seam of your square, covering your seam line.

9. Place your sewing machine needle in the right sided position and carefully sew down one edge. Repeat for the other side.

10. Place and pin your second piece of ribbon, again ensuring it covers your seam line and sew in place. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for your second patchwork square.

11. Pin the two finished squares together (right sides together) on three sides, and with your machine needle back in the centre position, sew, backstitching at the start and finish. 

12. Clip across the corners without cutting into your sewing line. Turn the right way around and stuff with wadding - you will want to pack it into the far corners first.

13. Press under the two raw edges and neatly hand sew shut.

14. To finish, sew a button in the centre.

A little bit of ribbon trim can really give a project its finishing touch! I love having the freedom of a whole roll of ribbon to play with, and not realising that you haven't bought enough from your local haberdasher! Here is a sneak peek of what I did with the broderie anglaise trim - check back on Wednesday for the full lowdown on the Sureau dress:

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. This is a great idea, thanks for the tutorial! I will be giving this a go :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Georgia, glad you found it useful!


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