Le Challenge: Order - a selvedge pincushion

I can't believe it is Le Challenge time again. This month's challenge was Order. I have serious time issues this month as I have an teacher training interview this week and am spending a lot of time on work towards it, as well as doing maths test practice (if I get accepted, I have 30 days to pass 2 skills tests)! Also this month, I have committed myself to the Mad Men Dress Challenge over at Julia Bobbin, so there really is a squeeze on.

Last month, for Valentines day, I made a card with a little bit of selvedge that had hearts on it, and I really like the idea of using the selvedge. Pinterest has great inspiration. I decided on a bobbin pincushion. All the pieces of selvedge I have used are in order, numbers, hearts or elephants!

My image is a little overexposed so you can't see the shape of the bobbin. I am always losing pins, so now I can keep them in this pincushion.

Come and join in with the next Le Challenge - a new theme is set on the 15th of every month. Click on the link to the right hand side to see all the entrants this month.
Mrs Jones x


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