Three Dressmaking Books

I am making plans for more dressmaking in 2014 (see here), with the aid of three new additions to my seamstress bookshelf: The Colette Sewing Handbook, Stylish Dress Book: Clothing for Everyday Wear and The Vintage Pattern Selector. All three include patterns in various forms (tissue, paper and disc). 

I love the patterns in the Colette handbook (you will almost certainly have come across their patterns before). This is a great book for improving your dressmaking skills as the patterns increase in difficulty as the book progresses. Within the book, you encounter challenges such as invisible zips, which improve the finish of a garment.

My initial reaction was to want to sew the Liquorice dress first - it is gorgeous, but after playing with some colour combinations I am now going to make the Meringue skirt first with the scalloped hem. It is quite a playful skirt and I think it will be great for Spring. 

The second book, Stylish Dress Book is absolutely sumptuous to look at and with 26 patterns there is something for everyone. The overall look is fairly bohemian with smocks and tunic dresses, and I adore the Shirt Dress which looks like it has stepped out of the 1920s (second photo above). The photographs are wonderfully rich. I like the look of the Corsage Jacket (Pattern F) although it looks a fairly challenging sew.

The Vintage Pattern Selector has less patterns and is more a vintage style book. It compares vintage looks through the twentieth century with what is out there on the High Street, and gives details on how you can incorporate retro looks in the modern day. I desperately want the prom dress but no where to wear it (feel like Cinders!). There is even a pattern for a Pillbox Hat!!

Mrs Jones x


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