Merry Christmas 2013

It is a very exciting end of 2013 for me. Not only have I just had my birthday (20th), but I have also just passed my 20th year of working in Local Government, and I am also planning a big career change for 2014. 

For my birthday, I had some lovely presents - the Collete Sewing Handbook for one (I am eyeing up the licorice dress already!). I was also treated to a wonderful dinner cooked by my Dad and Stepmum. I spent the morning relaxing and watching one of my favourite films, When Harry Met Sally. 

To celebrate 20 years of work I was presented with a gift of my choice (iPad mini) which I am trying to get to grips with after years of Android devices! Currently loving messing about with Garage Band! Would love your suggestions for other apps you would recommend.

Finally, I am applying for a place on a PGCE course to start September 2014. It is a big step for me as I will be taking voluntary redundancy in order to do this - I don't qualify for any government funding so my redundancy will need to support me through the year of training. I have been spending some time in a primary school to ensure that I have some relevant experience before I start. A year ago I would never have dreamed of taking such a big leap but now that both my children are at secondary school I have had time to reassess what I want to do with my career. I just need to cross my fingers that I will be accepted onto the course! 

Merry Christmas to you all x
Mrs Jones x


  1. Merry Christmas! And all the best for your new year and your new exciting adventure! :) x


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