Look What Santa Gave Me For Christmas!!

The Sizzix Big Shot Machine with a introductory set of dies no less. I seriously didn't think I would get this because my husband  Santa just didn't understand why I would want it. Obviously, the answer is to cut fabric for quilting along with the myriad of other things this baby can do. I have a big problem in deciding which quilting dies to purchase first! 

I think Sizzix themselves must have been under the influence of some illegal substance when they designed the new look for the Big Shot - it looks something a nine year old girl would want, rather than appealing to the crafting community. However, it's what's inside that counts. 

When I used it for the first time, I was really worried that  I had damaged the cutting plates as the one at the top has marks all over it. I have been reassured that this is what happens and it doesn't impair its performance at all. 

And so I have been playing with the dies that come with the machine:

...which together makes:

And I have made a start on my Thank You cards...

I can see a lot of cards being handmade this year and hopefully some fairly painless patchwork quilting. Do you have a particular die that you use all the time, or one that you wish to have? I would love to know more.

Love Mrs Jones x


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