Day Two: Snowflake

On a search for beautiful handmade snowflakes, I stumbled across a Swiss blog with the most amazing handmade creations, one of which was a Solino Star. The star or snowflake is made from just one strip of paper!

Follow the tutorial over on the linked blog at your peril - once you start, you just can't stop! If you can't cope with the tiniest of folds and cuts, this is not for you.

Notice my mistake?
You start off by drawing parallel lines horizontally and this is your guide for where you are going to cut. Then you fold the paper in half, again and again, and finally cut your pattern out. At this point, you can  join both ends together to make a crown. You could pop this around a candle or bottle of wine as a gift, or continue to make the snowflake by sewing around the bottom and gathering up.

These would look great hung at the window or as Christmas table decorations.

Mrs Jones x

PS: do pop over to the creator's blog as it is packed with other crafty tutorials!


  1. That looks interesting and fun - off to seek them out
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. They are quite fiddly but definitely worth it.


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