Sewn: Overlap Skirt 08/2013 #130 Burda Pattern Review

From Burda Magazine

Pattern Description
Wrap effect skirt with angled zip.

My usual shop size is an 8 or 10. My measurements suggest I am an 8 (34) for bust and hips, but a 12 (38) for waist. I went for a size 10 (36) though, because I wasn't sure how much ease the pattern allowed, but to make it fit I eventually had to bring in the side seams and increase the darts in the back.

Did it look like the photo
Yes, although the hem of the overlap portion is not in line with the overall hem, which I don't find a problem.

These were super condensed and I had trouble with the placement of the zip as I hadn't traced the placement line! 

I hate tracing off these ridiculous busy sheets, but it was a free pattern. I only had to use my seam ripper once! I really like the fact that the overlap isn't so small that you are at risk of show your all-and-sundries on a windy day. I had trouble finding the right sized separating zip, so had to use a larger one and sew down the excess tape, which doesn't look great, but is not visible when you are wearing it.
Nope, it doesn't show too much leg!

Fabric used
Navy blue 8 whale corduroy from Calico Lane. I love this cord - it is really lovely to wear, but unfortunately picks up all sorts of lint, odd thread, cat hairs etc. 

I omitted the back welt pockets and the side pockets as I didn't think they were necessary, oh and it might be because I have never put a pocket in yet! I didn't want my skirt to be frumpily too long, so only added a little for the hem allowance, so it sits just above the knee.

Sew it again?
There is only room for one overlap skirt in my wardrobe, so probably not. 

Love Mrs Jones x


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