4 Fantastic Crafts to Make your Halloween go Boo!

A crafty round-up of some great Halloween makes.

Spooky Sock Skeleton from Martha Stewart: I love how a simple sports sock is transferred into an amazing Halloween decoration. Whatever you think about Martha Stewart, you cannot deny that her crafts aren't amazing.

Martha Stewart
There is nothing scary about this sweet litter of pumpkin kittens made from a variety of different sized pumpkins and some ribbon (although it would probably work just as well with some washi tape).

All You
These paper spiderwebs from E-elise etc. are a clever twist on the classic paper snowflake, and would be a great Halloween craft idea for children. These would look good sillhouetted against your windows or lining a tray of Halloween bakes. If you love Halloween, check out E-elise's Month of Scares over at her blog now!

e-elise etc.
How about this for a Haunted Village from Ann-Kay Home! In the dark with a torch or tea light placed behind it, you get a fabulously spooky village.

Ann-Kay Home
I hope this has whetted your appetite for some Halloween crafts. Feel free to add a link to your Halloween Crafts in the comments section.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my little village, Emma!


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