One Week

This past week, I have had a horrible virus which I have had before, the first time I went into hospital where they found scarring on my lungs but did not know what was wrong with me; the second time, a doctor said it was a virus affecting my muscles. This time I haven't seen a doctor because I know that I need to totally rest {the virus made me sleep all day anyway} and will eventually get better. I still feel wobbly today, but I am sure that it has something to do with the fact that on some days, all I could manage is a piece of toast and on my better days it was an apple and a cereal bar!!

But, I cannot believe how nice the weather has been this week, and I haven't set one foot outside all week. I have had the benefit of the warm breeze from the bedroom window, and when I looked into the garden this morning, I could see that my rose has bloomed, and some have already died...

That the vegetables are growing:

The Shade Garden that we created last year, is looking quite good {please excuse the garden paraphernalia behind!}. I have hostas, bergenias, eurphorbia, hellebore, but I can't remember the names of the either the tall plant in the middle or the variegated shrub with pinkish stems to the left - any ideas?

Today, I feel so much better but am a bit weak like Avocado Baby's family! I am looking forward to getting back to crafting and enjoying the good weather.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Sorry I have only just read this, I am just catching up after being away from Blogland! Sorry to hear about your virus, it sounded very unpleasant, hope you are well on the mend now. The garden looks lovely, hope you have been enjoying good weather.

    Debbie x


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