Le Challenge: Wings

After the roaring success of the first challenge from Le Challenge where 36 people entered their Geometric projects, the second challenge is "Wings". My instant reaction was OMG, what on earth am I going to make! So, I made a list of everything I could think of related to wings - you can almost see the cogs working:
  • aeroplane - "come fly with me"?
  • birds - chickens, penguins, owls...
  • beetles - ladybird
  • fairy
  • angel
  • butterfly
  • rocket
  • bat
  • insects - fly, bee, dragonfly...
  • dragon
  • pterodactyl
  • Icarus
  • Hermes
  • Winged key from Harry Potter
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • Pegasus
  • Winged collar
But after several false starts, quite unadventurously, I plumped for a bird. I sketched out a penguin then this:
I started cutting pieces of fabric out freehand, to compile a gabric bird collage, layering pieces of fabric in muted colours until I was happy with the look. Instead of sewing it together, I used fabric glue, and added a real stick for a branch which I sewed onto the fabric.
The background is a fairly stiff cream cotton duck, and was perfect for this sort of collage.

The result is a slightly naive looking, completely unreal young bird. 

All challenge entries will be available to view at the Le Challenge website on the 15th. 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. This is fantastic. I have never thought of doing a collage with fabric - thanks for the inspiration :-)

  2. I love this collage, nice. It has gotten the wheels churning...

  3. Ah! What a sweet little bird! And I love that you listed all your ideas :)

  4. Love your sweet little bird! Great fabric choices!

  5. Great project - this is such a sweet little birdie!

  6. Really cute little bird! It will add a nice little whimsical touch to any room :-)

  7. What a brilliant idea. I love the use of a real twig and your fabric choices are great :-)

  8. Love it! So cute! Thanks for linking up to le challenge.

  9. What a cute little bird. I love the fabric collage idea.

  10. Such a sweet bird - and the green frame matches his wings perfectly.


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