Peter Pan Collar

This morning, I have had a go at making a Peter Pan collar - the collar du jour! I used a template from My Sparkle blog and enlarged the template by 1cm all round. I didn't follow the instructions, as I wanted to sew it up quickly to see whether it would suit me or not, with the aim of making a "proper" one if I did like it.

So, I cut two pieces of fabric and two interfacing (I used sew in for this practice run, but it is probably easier to use fusible). You will also need two of lining if making it properly. I pinned the two together with fabric right side on the inside and then sewed round leaving the short ends unsewn.
I clipped pieces out to reduce some bulk.

Then I turned them right side out, which is always a bit of a faff. Then I cut two pieces of ribbon and inserted them in the short end. I tucked the raw edge inwards and top stitched across. Then with the two collar pieces fabric sides together, I stitched them together at the joining point and added a little button {optional}!

Hey presto! I do like the collar, but I don't have many tops or dresses with a neckline that suits a collar. What do you think? Have you made or worn one of these?

Love Mrs Jones x


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