This week...

This week, I have been:
  • Reading Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. I don't seem to be progressing very well on this book!
  • Watching War Horse which was much better than the book - it is usually the other way round!
  • Buying Mothers' Day gifts, including a beautiful hydrangea in a creamy green colour.
  • Viewing bungalows for sale
  • Treating my boys to a new cushion each from the Wilde range in Wilkinsons - surprisingly good! The Geo range is also lovely.
  • Spring cleaning my bedroom and the study, since I saw how nice a show home was, and then decided my house should look nicer. My plan is to do a couple of rooms a week thoroughly.
  • Hoping that the snow that is coming down as I type, is going to settle!
Cushion from the Wilde range, Wilkinsons

How is your week going?
Love Mrs Jones x


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