Warming Winter Recipes

I received the brilliant cookbook "Everyday and Sunday" by Guy Watson and Jane Baxter from Riverford Farm {of the veg box fame} for Christmas. I absolutely love recipes that are split into months so that you are eating seasonal food. It is packed full of vegetable recipes, obviously, but not wholly vegetariian. If you grow your own at home or if you have an allotment, this would be ideal for you!

This week I made the Chestnut and Squash soup from Everyday and Sunday with some leftover chestnuts {really trying to reduce food waste in our house} which is a beautiful sweet and smokey chunky soup, and one which I highly recommend. A great recipe for snowy days! A similar recipe can be found here.

Other great warming recipes to try:
You can buy Everyday and Sunday as a hardcover book or as a Kindle edition.

Love Mrs Jones x


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