The State of my Laptop...

My poor laptop is not long for this world. It has been my faithful companion for my blogging since this blog's inception. In this photo, the screen is no longer attached to the base with screws and is literally held together with sellotape and a couple of pegs! It now is looking a little sturdier with neat strips of duck (duct?) tape and has had a general clean up.

It has been dropped down stairs, sat on by children and a cat and had the "N" key prised off with a claw. So, I am starting to save up for a new one, as I don't envisage this one lasting more than another six months. What do you use, and would you recommend it?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Oh your poor laptop!
    We bought a secondhand Acer laptop after our main computer crashed spetactularly! It works really well.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. i have to say my laptop looks very similar if not the same as yours and mine isnt great either. Im not very good with technlogy so im the last person to give advice on this subject but good luck, dee x


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