Work in Progress...

Do you ever find that you have several unfinished projects on the go, but when you are in the mood for crafting, sewing, whatever, you don't necessarily pick these unfinished things but start on another?

Currently, I have:

1. A robin cat toy that just needs an eye to finish it.

2. Some robin Christmas cards which I cut out some bits out for and haven't finished.

3. A scalloped bunting{below} cut (and now sewn),  but I need to go and buy some tape to finish it.
4. A buttercup bag that needs a strap {below}
5. A Christmas ornament which I made a mistake on and needs to be unpicked {below}
I think my problem is the lure of new fabric and new projects - I just want to keep making new things. I am going to try and finish some of these things this weekend!

What works in progress do you have, or are you an "I've started so I'll finish" kind of person?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Oh yes! Lots of unfinished things! Trouble with me is though I want to sell my crafts but I have lots of things to finish, then I complain I have no money - WHY - things aren't finished so I can't sell them! A vicious circle!! I'll have to take on the stance I've started so I will finish from no on an early new years resolution..........
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Well done, Julie. I am going to try this too.

  3. Yes, yes i do have a long unfinished list.
    I think my problem is that i have an idea and obviously it can't wait it needs to be started. I am trying not to start any thing else for the next 2 weeks at least. :)

    Love the fabric you used on the bag, it is so pretty.

    Donna x

  4. I am glad I'm not the only one. The fabric is Central Park - Little Stems which I bought from Fabric Rehab.


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