Soft and Light Slippers

After savouring Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, I was eager to get started on making something. What could be easier than a cute pair of slippers? Well, they're not that easy actually, but I had the weekend on my side. 

Heather's sizing guide is a little strange as the sizes range from 6 - 10 shoe size for women, however I used the smallest size and found that these do fit fine (I am a 5 1/2 - 6). You don't need much fabric - mine came from fat quarters (I am always on the lookout for fat quarter projects).  

I encountered two problems - the sole I cut on the second shoe seemed larger which must have been either my cutting error or the fact that my stiching was tigher. I did manage to rectify this but as you can see in my photo there is some light trimming work to be done on the left slipper. The other problem is that the slipper doesn't come up high enough at the back - which I can fix by inserting another piece of fabric.

I have to say that though it was a little more challenging than I hoped, I really enjoyed making something completely different. 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. These are gorgeous, I love that fabric! Hx

  2. They are lovely slippers and just at the right time with autumn blowing in as it is.

    I'm a new follower, it'd be great if you popped by sometime,
    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment - I will pop over to your blog.


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