Kir Normand - a beautiful Autumnal Drink

I am making Sausage and Cider Casserole now - the smell drifiting from the kitchen is wonderful. And because I used only a little cider in the casserole, I get to drink the rest (waste not, want not!). During our holiday in Normandy this summer we were introduced to Kir Normand which is creme de cassis and cider. You pour a tiny capful in the bottom of the glass and top up with cider. Of course in France it was all made in small co-operatives and the cider was cloudy, but the taste of mine still feels authentic.
Creme de Cassis can be found in most large supermarkets - mine was from Sainsburys.

A beautiful drink for Autumn.

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. Look out for the sausage and cider recipe tomorrow.


  1. Mmmm, that sounds delish, must try it! And so does your casserole!


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