Vintage Lace Tealight Glass Tutorial

Okay, the lace is not vintage, but it was the trim on a nightie that I have owned for about twenty years (why have I still got it?). My little glass is one that once housed a delicious french dessert, and I always thought it would come in handy one day! It is a shot glass size, but you could pretty much do this with any glass that will fit a tealight.

What you need:
Lace, vintage, new whichever
Ribbon (optional)
PVA glue
Glue dots (the gummy kind)
How to make it:
1. Measure your lace around your glass so it slightly overlaps. You can position it where you like - a lace trim on the top would be nice.

2. Spread the pva onto the back of the lace in a thin but even layer. Remember it dries clear, so don't worry about being too neat.

3. Carefully apply to your glass ensuring that it is an even height all the way round and leave to dry.

4. I'm sure your lace won't have been salvaged from an old nightie like mine and will have two neat edges, top and bottom. Sadly, mine was a little ragged, hence the thin blue ribbon around the bottom.

5. If you are using ribbon, spread the pva glue evenly along it. Don't worry about the bow for now, we'll stick that on later. Add it to the glass in the same way you did the lace - at an even height. Ric rac would be good here.

6. Fashion your bow and attach your glue dot to the back of it and stick onto the glass, once both lace and ribbon has dried.

7. Add your tea light and there you have a vintage look votive glass.

I am going to have some of these on my Christmas table this year - perhaps with a red ribbon and a holly leaf.

Love Mrs Jones x


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