Kindle Cases

Oh, what a ridiculous day it has been. I work from home on Mondays, but as I changed my password on Friday, I forgot it today, and fixing it involved a 40 mile round trip to the office and back.

I am pleased though, that this evening I have been able to finish the Kindle case orders. The London one I made over the weekend and the turquoise one today. I have always found it a bit awkward on the flap, and today I had a brainwave how to resolve it, hence the different shapes.

I love the London fabric from Benartex - I have already made a cushion and a little case from my DS in it. The other case is Summersault by Erin McMorris and again I have already made a cushion for my bedroom in this fabric. I have also had a green colourway of it. My only concern now is that the cases fit, especially it the first time I have made a case for the Kindle with the keyboard.

Love Mrs Jones x


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