My Kitchen

I love blogs where you are allowed a peek of the blogger's home, for example, I adore this Australian blog called Retromummy . So, I thought I might show you my kitchen (and it also made me tidy and clean it)!

I love the fact that we had space for a kitchen table in our kitchen. We only tend to use it for painting and crafts that the children do, or for a kids table if we have guests over. Our cat has taken it over with his basket, as he won't sleep on the floor - this cat has delusions of grandeur!
When we moved in, I was told that we were the only house brave enough to go for different colour cupboards by the housebuilder, but I really love the contrast between the glossy cream on top and the matt wood effect underneath. (The footstool is for me, as I'm a shortass!)
 My sister gave us these lovely jars one Christmas, filled with chocolates. I love their unusual shape.
I have basil and chives growing on my kitchen windowsill. I can wash up and keep an eye on the boys on the trampoline. We have been here two years and I still haven't put any window dressing up - it is much darker than the front, so they may stay bare to let as much light in as possible.
You can imagine the arguments we had over this clock which was in the Next sale - I put it up and my husband said it was't straight! I'm not sure what we will do when we are ready to paint the kitchen though!

Love Mrs Jones x


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