Mad Men Birthday Card

You may have already gathered how much I am in love with Mad Men! Well, my sister is too, and as it is her birthday this month, the obvious choice is a Mad Men card! I did something a little naughty and I don't condone it, but as it is a personal card and not for sale I thought it would be okay. I printed a copy of the mad men logo (Don Draper draped on the sofa) and carefully cut out the silhouette. 

And then stuck it on my own background of this adorable grey card, and trimmed it with a ribbon! I was toying with adding a speech bubble, but I would probably spoil it by writing something rude on it!

However much I am craving Season 5 of Mad Men, I am a little glad I am not watching it as I have given up my daily glass or two of wine for Lent, and there is a lot of drinking in Mad Men.

Love Mrs Jones x


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