The longest Week...

This week has just felt the longest ever. Time doesn't pass very quickly when you are not very well and I can't wait to be able to get up and out and walk for a bit as all I have done is move from my bed to the sofa and back again all week. 

Last weekend, I was taken to hospital with chest pains and breathing difficulties, by ambulance, where I was later admitted. I then had lots of tests which ruled out lots of horrible things like blood clots, TB, etc, and to cut a long story short, the doctors didn't really get to the bottom of what was wrong with me. 

And so I have been home recuperating while the pain and the trouble breathing have pretty much gone now, but I am left feeling drained and tired and my legs are weak from not being used. I keep flicking through my sewing books, thinking, I am going to make that when I am better.

So, this weekend, I am going to go outside for the first time since I came out of hospital on Monday, whatever the weather.

Love Mrs Jones x


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