7th December: Victorian Style Pin-Prick Decorations

I have adapted one of the activities from the Victorian Christmas series on BBC to make pin-prick decorations. This is a great way to recycle last years Christmas cards and would work well as gift tags too.

You will need:

  • Plain white paper
  • Something as the feature, eg. an old card, illustration etc.
  • Pin or needle
  • Glue
  • Something to rest on 
Design and cut out a shape on the white paper slightly larger than the christmas card or whatever you are using. You can either leave it as it is or scallop the edge to look like lace. Using the pin, start to prick out a pattern (I put my pin cushion underneath) in the white paper.

Then glue your Christmas card in the centre. Add any embellishments such as ribbon or glitter, and glue on a piece of thread if you are using this as a decoration.

With this snowflake decoration, I pressed the edge of the paper into an ink pad and added an organza ribbon.
I pricked a straight sided frame for the robin and added some paper holly as decoration.

But, there are so many other decorations you can make from home quite easily and cheaply, such as silver sprayed pine cones. I have also made decorations from broken jewellery, but I'll show you those another time.

Love Mrs Jones x


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