Gift Embellishments

It is very unusual for me to have actually wrapped some Christmas presents in October (!) but I need to deliver them next weekend. But I thought they looked a little plain, so improvised some little embellishments which I am going to share. 

This embellishment has been made by roughly cutting a strip from the same wrapping paper and folding it in half lengthways on the wrong side of the paper. Then I snipped along it, without snipping the fold, so it looked a little like a very long comb. Turned it the right way out, and folded at the outer edges to get the loops showing. Then, starting at either end rolled it round and round itself and stapled the base to stop it unravelling. You can also make a mini version of this that also looks good:
And if you are really desperate for an embellishment and have nothing else to make it from, you can make it from a plastic bag! I made this one from a narrower piece of plastic than the ones above, hence the shorter, tighter loops.
Other ideas for embellishments are Christmas Decorations:
Or some Christmas greenery, here I have used Skimmia:
Or you could use something edible like candy canes or cinnamon sticks tied with ribbon. I have trawled the net for some other ideas:

Love Mrs Jones x


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