Hand sewn notebooks - a tutorial

I have had a little go at making some little notebooks. I love notebooks myself - especially starting a new one, but I thought I would see if it would work if I made my own!

So, the first two I made I cut six pieces of A4 paper lengthways (measure out a 10.5cm mark in three places, connect them up with a rules and cut as neatly as you can).

I then folded them in half without making a precise crease.

The next stage was to find a cover - I used various bits of paper that were in my craft box, but ideally you want something relatively thick. Measure it so that it is 10.5cm one way and about 30cm long (slightly longer than the white paper). Wrap it evenly round the white paper so that is overlaps a little.

If you have a stapler that will reach , use that, or do as I did and sew the sheets together. You will need to make two hole with a pin or somthing similar first, and wiggle it round a bit. Then sew through the white paper and cover in several rounds so that the paper is secure.

Add any embellishments, and you have a notebook. I thought that the tomato book would be good as a gardener's journal, the beach huts as a holiday journal.

I don't think that I will be selling my notebooks, but they may find themselves in someone's Christmas Stocking! If you do want to buy a lovely handmade notebook, I can suggest the following shops:

Dab and a Dash for gorgeous fabric covered journals.
Green Grass also sells fabric notebooks
Kate Bowles for hand bound books
Earthworks for carved and leather bound journals

 Love Mrs Jones x


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