Folksy Friday: A Glut of Plums

 When I was a child, we had a Victoria Plum tree in our garden which bore so many fruit, that we sold them by the bagful at the bottom of the garden. Here are some luscious Folksy plums!

Gracie’s Garden Bazaar Anna King Jewellery
Ribbon Real Lupin Handmade
Andres Lesley Crochet Candyfloss

From top left: Plum leather & lace cuff from Gracie's Garden Bazaar;
Plum Felt Necklace from Anna King Jewellery;
Japanese Plum & Mandarin Soap from Ribbonreal;
Plum corsage from Lupin Handmade;
Crochet Tea Cosy from Andrea Lesley Crochet;
Pink & Plum Shawl from Candyfloss.


  1. We are house sitting at a house at the moment with a very laden plum tree we are going to be plumed out by the end of the week great choices love the plum corsage

  2. We've been making crumbles galore with our plum glut so love the theme.Thanks for including my cuff and love the tea cosy!xx

  3. Lovely selection- and colours
    Kate x

  4. Such a pretty colour! Great choices.


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