Bank Holiday Monday Montage

My dear little cat, Atticus, is one today, and in celebration of this, I have done a Folksy Monday Montage of all things cat and kitteny! Click on image to go straight to the relevant shop!

Mrs Moo Designs Mog’s Togs
Katnapz Nikki Made
SMockery SmArt Lilipopo at Glass Mountain
From top: Katya from Mrs Moo Designs; Tea and Cakes safety cat collar from Mog's Togs; Black and Yellow stripey cat bed from Katnapz; Tunnock's Teacake Kitten from Nikki Mad; Fat Cat from SMockery SmArt; Blue Camo Kitten from Lilipopo at Glass Mountain


  1. lovely kittenish things, I love the tunnocks teacake kitten. thankyou for including my camo kitten
    Happy birthday Atticus

    Kate x


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