Button bracelets

I took inspiration from the Make Jewellry magazine to make these button bracelets. In Make Jewellry a necklace was made from citrus coloured buttons, but I looked to my button box for my colours.

Tricolore bracelet
I selected some navy, red and blue buttons of varying shapes and stacked them in piles of two or three, making an approximate colour pattern. Then I threaded them on to 7-strand Beadalon stringing wire. This was much more difficult than it suggests, as the wire tended to spring back and once strung, it was difficult to gauge the correct spacing for the next stack of buttons.

I finished off with a scarlet bead, a crimp and toggle clasp.

Natural bracelet

In my second bracelet, I selected neutral colours such as greens, brown and creams, mixing in a wooden button and some mother of pearl. I threaded these with a green leather thong, which was much easier to manipulate, and off the wrist, results in a much flatter bracelet. I had to ensure that the buttons I used had larger holes. To finish off, I made a loop in the thong and threaded the end back through the last button. This then hooks over the first button stack to make a clasp!


  1. Soft Flex in a 49 strand would be more flexible, if you prefer to use beading wire. Glad to see Make Jewellery inspired you!

  2. Thanks for your advice. I am a complete beginner at making jewellery, so I am using a suck it and see approach!


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