Amy's Stretch Magic bracelet

Way back in the Summer, I started to make some simple elasticated bracelets. Actually, I made loads of them as I was very impressed at how good they looked, considering how easy they were to make. I made this bracelet for my sister and gave it to her at a family party. By the end of the party the elastic had broken!
I cut a piece of elastic longer than required and strung the beads along it in my desired pattern. To finish, I tied a double knot, shortened the ends of the remaining elastic and poked it back through the nearest beads. Alternatively you can thread the ends through a crimp. I have to thank the Bluestreak beads website as this was the first I found with really good visual instructions.

PS. The gorgeous waterlily candle is from Maisons du Monde - a fantastic home furnishings shop which you can find throughout France.


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